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Vehicle jump start solution

KOMA (Korean made) product adopts the concept of dead battery working method unlike the existing method (auxiliary battery)
when the vehicle is discharged, and uses a disposable battery to produce a smaller and cheaper vehicle jump start product I made it.



An average of 20,000 car battery discharges a day

As the number of electronic parts for automobiles including black box, heat seat,
and car refrigerator increases, the frequency of occurrence of automobile discharge phenomenon increases.

Solve problems with the new paradigm

Solve problems with the new paradigm

Development of vehicle-use jump start using disposable battery

1회용 건전지

Disposable battery

불편함 상단 좌측 텍스트
Reduced inconvenience, excellent performance

Size, weight, and price are reduced to one third and performance is better.

적용 가능 차량
Applicable vehicle
Development of all 13,000CC / 450HP / 25TON
or less jump start products for internal combustion engines (preparation for mass production)

오토바이 적용 가능 차량 Motorcycle
오토바이 적용 가능 차량 Truck
오토바이 적용 가능 차량 Construction heavy machinery
오토바이 적용 가능 차량 tourist bus
오토바이 적용 가능 차량 Trailer
오토바이 적용 가능 차량 Vehicle
적용 가능 차량
Products to be continuously developed and applied
Developed the jump-start product for military tank / armored vehicle, under construction machine
(fork-crane / forklift / large-sized special purpose vehicle), small-sized ship, light aircraft etc. for 1,500HP or less internal combustion engine.

오토바이 적용 가능 차량 Tank
오토바이 적용 가능 차량 Excavator
오토바이 적용 가능 차량 Small Ship
오토바이 적용 가능 차량 Light aircraft
오토바이 적용 가능 차량 Forklift
오토바이 적용 가능 차량 Special Vehicle

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