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koma 2 설명
It is a jump start using lithium ion battery in case the car
battery discharges and it can not start.
18650mah Lithium-ion battery is used as
a rechargeable type and it is possible
to supply power more quickly through rapid charge function.
Due to the vehicle battery discharge,

the flash is installed to ensure visibility / safety when stopping at the road.
koma1 box

Insurers that are caused by vehicle
battary discharge in winter battary
Discharged vehicles
without emergency call

Quick charge function
(full charge for 30 minutes)
Rechargeable after rapid charging

Flash function for securing the driver's
sight / safety when the vehicle battery
discharged due to vehicle discharge
가격 방식 System

1 18650Mah Lithium ion Battery
2 JOULE THIEF circuit use